Vierkant Software is an independent company of the entertainment industry and is dedicated to high quality realtime simulation software.

Founded by Steffen and Bernhard in 2013, Vierkant Software has its headquarter in Mainz, Germany. Since its establishment, Vierkant Software has consistently been recognized for his simulation games, especially the fairground simulation «Virtual Rides®». Vierkant Software is commited to create high-quality products. We put the players' experience at the center of what we create. Our doors are open for feedback and creativity.

Currently we work on our next big sequel «Virtual Rides® 2» and suggest you to take a look at the website for further information.

Virtual Rides® 'Die Krake'


Virtual Rides® No 1

Virtual Rides® Retail-Version

Virtual Rides® is the first funfair ride simulation for your pc and mac. With detailed 3D Objects, that have been faithfully recreated, the result is a unique atmosphere of a fairground ride. Also the rides are physically correct simulated. Take place inside the cash box and control one of the three included rides on one, the original modeled, control panel. The simulations are delivered in a pre defined fairground scene. Every ride has day-night cycle, lighting effects, real-time running light shade, fog and other functions such as lighting control, included.


  • different types of rides
  • Authentic control panels
  • simulates all the rides physically correct
  • elaborated special effects (lights, fog, ...)
  • dynamic day / night cycle
  • Pre defined scenes (funfairs)
  • Realistic lighting of the rides at night
  • Built in Jingle Player
  • growing selection of rides